Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer Protective Style: Braids

During the hot summer months, the most beneficial thing to do for your hair is to utilize protective styles. For my protective style I chose micro-braids or box-braids. I've had them in for two days now, and I plan on keeping them in until the beginning of August, so about eight weeks. For some braids end up causing more harm than good but if you keep up with your regimen your hair will thank you.

Here's my regimen:

Note: contray to popular belief, you can wash your braids. If you're too afraid try Dry Shampoo

Moisturize with Braid Spray - Africa's Best Braid Sheen Spray
Oil Scalp with oil mix: castor, grapeseed and peppermint (every other day)

Clean Scalp with Tresemme Fresh Start dry shampoo

Once a Month
Wash & Condition hair by diluting shampoo in water and pouring or applying to hair with an applicator bottle.

Healthy hair loves a clean scalp, so be sure to keep your scalp clean. Hope this helps !

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