Monday, June 6, 2011

Ms. Nappy Hair


As a new transitioner I became curious of what my hair texture was like pre-relaxer. So I asked my mom, "what was my hair like before you relaxed it?" Her response "nappy." She said it with such simplicity, like what other answer should I have expected. I replied "nappy?" and her final response is "you know, kinky." I decided to just leave it at that, the best way to find out my texture is to just wait and see. *sigh* I'm so excited about going natural, finally something for myself. I know for sure that i'm going to be one of the boo-hooers when I do my actual big chop. Its okay though, i'm prepared, as prepared as I can be. I'm not in love with the straight hair look. When I did my last stretch to 12 weeks I was so excited about my new growth, there was so much! So i'm ready, whatever my hair texture is i'm sure I will love it. I have no choice its MINE!

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